About Dora

I support Women of Color break free from unhealthy patterns and live more fulfilling lives. 


We have all been there when we have what feels like a million stressors which are affecting different aspects of our life and have no outlet to process what we are going through. The feelings of anxiousness can hinder us from doing the things we want to do. You deserve someone who is going to provide you with a non judgmental space to process your feelings and the tools to cope and heal. I am passionate about providing people of color with a safe environment to increase their ability to cope with different emotions.


I believe that the things we value in our life are important and we deserve to feel good about the life we are living. Sometimes we have unhealthy patterns that we know are not helpful for us and are preventing us from our true potential. Through a collaborative process I am committed to helping clients have more satisfying and fulfilling lives. 


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Dora Owuor, LMSW

My approach

I utilize various treatment modalities including CBT and Motivational interviewing to explore how our thoughts, feelings and behaviors connect and contribute to our well being, how we feel about ourselves and our relationships.